Successful control of any pest relies on understanding the Big Picture and the contributing conditions that brought the pest and allow it to live on the site. This must begin with an inspection and these sample checklists should help you in this effort.

Pest organisms live in and around structures because they are provided with the means to do so – food, water, suitable habitat or harborage. In order to properly control or eliminate the pest you must first recognize what these “contributing conditions” are and work with the customer to eliminate them where possible. Every job should begin with an inspection of the property to identify the conditions that need to be corrected, and we are pleased to provide these Inspection Report forms for your use.

We offer many versions of the forms to fit many of the types of accounts you may have. These are meant as guidelines to assist your inspection efforts, and may not address all possible circumstances you may encounter. Please feel free to personalize them for your own company and to amend them as needed. Share your findings with your customer so that you can work together to correct the problems you have found and to achieve the best control of the unwanted pests.

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